Rebates | Energy Savings

Calhoun County Electric Cooperative offers a variety of programs and rebates to help you save money and conserve energy.
You control how much you save – from a few dollars each month to hundreds of dollars a year – based on your energy needs and participation.


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ENERGY STAR Appliances

Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Clothes Washer $50
Clothes Dryer $50
Dish Washer $25
Freezer/Deep Freeze * $25
Refrigerator * $25

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Heating/Cooling & Water Heating 

Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Central Air Conditioning $50-$100/unit
Electric Resistance Heat $20/kW
Geothermal Heat Pump up to $300/ton
Air Source Heat Pump/Mini-Split up to $200/ton
Heat Pump Compressor Replacement $50/ton
Heat or Energy Recovery Ventilator  $125/unit
Water Heater up to $400/unit





Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Residential Lighting Varies
LED Holiday Lights $2/string




Insulation & Weatherization

Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Insulation & Weatherization Varies

Electric Vehicle Level-2 Charger                 

Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Electric Vehicle Level 2 Charger up to $500



Touchstone Energy Home (All Electric Home)

Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Touchstone Energy Home up to $1000
Touchstone Energy Home Checklist  





Agriculture & Commercial Rebates

Rebate Form Rebate Amount
Ag & Commercial Lighting Varies
Variable Frequency Drives $30/Horse Power
Other Ag Rebates Varies